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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A late Xmas present.

When I went got my mail today, my heart sank. There was a new shape of missive from USAC: a standard letter-sized window envelope. A different form factor is usually bad news: either USAC has dreamed up a new way to scrutinize an application, or one of my clients has come under unusual scrutiny. But not this time.

When I opened the envelopes, I found a late Christmas present: quarterly payment authorization reports!

Those of you who are not consultants may not understand my glee, so I'll explain. Every quarter, USAC prints a report of all disbursements for each applicant, and mails it to the applicant. That's a good idea, since it gives applicants a chance to spot service providers who are not forwarding disbursements. The problem is that the reports are sent to the Billed Entity's address, to no person in particular. So at a typical school district, they bounce around like Pachinko balls until they either get to the E-Rate person, or go into the trash. That's bad for me as a consultant, since I'm not even in that Pachinko machine. Now, the letter comes straight to me. Excellent!

Just goes to show you, you gotta believe. That Santa at the mall looked fake to me, but I told him that I wanted Quarterly Payment Authorization Reports mailed straight to me, and here we are. I wonder if I'll get the changes to the Eligible Services List I asked for....

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