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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home alone

I just got notification that the "Apply Online" section of the SLD Web site will be unavailable from midnight Friday until 6:00 am Saturday. I am bereft. That section of the Web site is my constant companion this week. If I try to sleep, I'm sure I'll have nightmares. Oh sure, I can distract myself for a little while by trying to find more rules that I've never heard of, or enjoy the whimsy of putting in a common keyword in the "Search" box and seeing what useless pages come up, or ponder things like who is that little girl in the USAC banner, and what is she working on.

But it just isn't the same as that rush of fear I still get from hitting the Submit button, wondering if I've made an error. Yes, I've submitted thousands of forms with no problem, and the forms are double-checked, and Bishop Perry means I get a second chance on almost everything, but the fear is still there.

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