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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where's my fake moustache?

So the Operations Support Services contract for E-Rate (and Rural Health Care) is going out to bid. This is the contract that USAC currently has with Solix to handle paperwork, do PIA and run the Client Service Bureau.

You've got to figure Solix will win again, especially since the first priority mentioned in the RFP is "continuous ... client service delivery without any disruption " (wisely, USAC is not making price the primary factor). But imagine if they didn't. The contractor has to supply the buildings, so we might have all new addresses for forms, extension requests, etc. The Client Service Bureau phone number could change, too.

I want to bid on this thing. Not because I want to win (can you imagine being PIA?), but because on January 24th, there will be "demonstrations of application and invoice processing." I have been jonesing for a peek behind the curtain. It would just make my communication with PIA so much more effective if I knew what my clients' applications look like to them. Alas, only pre-qualified bidders are allowed in, and from the looks of the pre-qualification questionnaire, they're not going to pre-qualify consultants. Cue the Mission Impossible music....

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