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Friday, January 18, 2008

Please Mr. Postman

Two disappointing missives from USAC yesterday.

I got my first letter with the new mail regime: a BEAR Notification Letter with a 3-hole punch, folded in the middle. John Noran announced the change to the new format back in the fall trainings. I have no problem with the middle fold, and the holes are no skin off my nose (though I don't see myself moving to binders). The environmentalist in me likes the printing on both sides, but my office copier won't handle two-sided originals automatically, so I foresee some cursing later.

But where is the color? Why aren't BEAR Notifications color-coded like everything else? I am a big fan of the colors, especially the yellow. It's so nice to be able to look into a folder and find all correspondence from USAC instantly. All correspondence except BEAR Notifications, that is. (Well, there are other letters that come on white paper, but they're non-standard enough that I can live with it.)

And I got a couple of revised FCDLs on yellow paper, but in white envelopes. I miss the colored envelopes. That little bit of yellow peeking out of the envelope windows just looks a little forlorn. Bring back the color!

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