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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Slippery slope

Nothing is more insufferable than a curmudgeon who's been proven right. So you might want to skip this post, because one of my most curmudgeonly concerns is being born out.

As I pointed out in my original post on the Katrina relief and my post on the request to extend the relief, I don't think the E-Rate program is a good tool for disaster relief. And now the FCC is being asked to go further down the slippery slope of disaster relief.

There is a new appeal with a heart-rending tornado story, requesting the kind of aid received by schools damaged by Katrina. This community was hit as hard as many of the Katrina communities. How can the FCC deny them help? And if they do help this community, how will they deny other schools destroyed by other natural disasters? USAC will need a FEMA liaison.

It's hard-hearted, but I just don't see why funds for disaster relief should come from my phone bill.

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