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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It's official: the filing window dates have been released.  The window opens January 9th and closes March 26th.  The good news: that's the latest window closing ever.  They could have pushed it up a week and still been within the range of previous window lengths, so it seems like someone wanted to push the close date later, which is great.

I had thought we were waiting on OMB to approve the new Form 471, but the 470 and 471 are both still waiting for approval, so it appears that USAC is pushing ahead, counting on OMB to get it done in time..

Here is my annual table showing dates for the release of the ESL and the window:
FY  ESL release   Window open   60 days?   Window close   Window days 
 2005   10/14/2004 12/14/2004 61 2/17/2005 65
2006 11/22/2005 12/6/2005 14 2/16/2006 72
2007 10/19/2006 11/14/2006 26 2/7/2007 85
2008 10/19/2007 11/7/2007 19 2/7/2008 92
2009 11/21/2008 12/2/2008 11 2/12/2009 72
2010 12/2/2009 12/3/2009 1 2/11/2010 70
2011 12/6/2010 1/11/2011 36 3/24/2011 72
2012 9/28/2011 1/9/2012 103 3/20/2012 71
2013 9/27/2012 12/12/2012 76 3/14/2013 92
2014 10/22/13 1/9/2014 79 3/26/2014 77

Once again, the FCC has followed its own rule requiring that the ESL be released at least 60 days before the opening of the window.  This could get to be a habit.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wobbly Wheeler

In a recent Bloomberg interview, new FCC Chairman Wheeler downplayed the importance of his telecom lobbying, saying it was a long time ago.  OK, but Chairman Wheeler, that is the only experience that qualifies you to run the FCC.  Then I think he took a better tack, saying that he would now represent the American people instead of the cable or wireless industry companies.

I was a bit alarmed by the lobbying, as was Senator Rockefeller, but if we want Commissioners who have relevant experience, we're going to get people who have worked for one or more of the interested parties in matters before the FCC.  Unless we choose only government employees, which doesn't strike me as a good idea.

Let's hope we get a situation like Nixon going to China; someone close to the industry lobby will be able to make strong consumer-friendly reforms.

One thing's for sure: Chairman Wheeler makes it easy for me to come up with stupid puns for the titles of my blog posts.