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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who's doing the letting?

I think I'll start the day with a petty rant.

You know what bugged me most about Chairman Wheeler's statement yesterday?  He said, "last year, no E-rate money at all was available for Wi-Fi services or other internal connections."  Live, he added emphasis to the point, saying something like "Zero. Zip."

Why was there no funding?  Because the Chairman chose to violate his own rules.  The rules at 47 C.F.R. 54.507(g)(iv) are pretty clear: he should have taken whatever funding was available ($200 million at the time, I think) and given 90% applicants a pro-rated share.

Actually, the Chairman announced that he'd found an extra $2 billion just before the decision was made to deny all 2013-2014 P2 requests, so he could have rolled $1.5 billion of that into 2013-2014 and funded P2 for all the 90% applicants.

So when he says, "the program has let students, teachers and local communities down" by not funding P2, I hope he realizes that he chose to let them down.

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