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Friday, November 15, 2013

Wobbly Wheeler

In a recent Bloomberg interview, new FCC Chairman Wheeler downplayed the importance of his telecom lobbying, saying it was a long time ago.  OK, but Chairman Wheeler, that is the only experience that qualifies you to run the FCC.  Then I think he took a better tack, saying that he would now represent the American people instead of the cable or wireless industry companies.

I was a bit alarmed by the lobbying, as was Senator Rockefeller, but if we want Commissioners who have relevant experience, we're going to get people who have worked for one or more of the interested parties in matters before the FCC.  Unless we choose only government employees, which doesn't strike me as a good idea.

Let's hope we get a situation like Nixon going to China; someone close to the industry lobby will be able to make strong consumer-friendly reforms.

One thing's for sure: Chairman Wheeler makes it easy for me to come up with stupid puns for the titles of my blog posts.

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