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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another funding solution

There is general (though not universal) consensus that the E-Rate is underfunded, especially if it's going to fund ConnectED.  But so far, I haven't heard how we're going to pay for it.  Some have proposed raiding the Low Income program.  Others have mentioned charging cell phone users an extra $12.  Neither of those solutions generates the pile of cash we need.

But maybe there is another solution.  Today everyone who put their email address on a Form 470 for FY 2013-2014 got an email from a gentleman named Barrett (who has an Italian email address), that if they would contact "Dr.fred," whose name is "Dr.frank yago," at either his French email address or Benin telephone number, they can pick up a package worth $1.2 million at the local airport.

So an international coalition has solved the E-Rate funding crunch.  $1.2 million for every applicant!

Or could it be that the email addresses from those forms has reached the phishers already?  It took a year for the 2012 Form 470 info to be put into a phishing attack, but this year it took only 5 months.  This program is getting more efficient all the time.

[Tip for spammers: "Yago" is a bad name choice.  For those of us over 40, Iago is perhaps Shakespeare's vilest villain.  For the younger, Iago is that parrot from Aladdin with Gilbert Gottfried's voice, which is the second most annoying voice in cartoons (Martin Short single-handedly almost ruins Treasure Planet).  Those of us over 40 with children have both of those negative associations.  No way am I going to contact someone named Yago.]

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