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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Docket in my pocket

For those of you who, like me, have been submitting comments and/or appeals to the FCC for years, but don't read FCC orders too carefully, take note: the new NPRM has its own Docket Number.  Since time immemorial (OK, since 2002) all appeals, NPRM comments, and anything else related to the E-Rate have been submitted to Docket No. 02-6.  Not so this NPRM: comments should be submitted to Docket No. 13-184.  I'm all for that, as long as they still review comments mistakenly submitted under the familiar docket.

Of course this sent me off on a useless tangent.  Just how many docket numbers have there been in the history of the FCC?  I couldn't find a listing, and the Search for Proceedings tool chokes at 10,000, but I dug a little deeper and found there are currently 2,611 dockets open, and about 12,400 closed dockets.

Sure seems like the E-Rate isn't getting its share of dockets.  OK, so we got Docket No. 10-222 when the application for the LOGO (née EDU2011) program was announced, and that 96-45 docket sometimes shows up on E-Rate documents, but even counting those, the E-Rate has less than 0.12% of all open dockets, and less than 0.02% of all dockets.  At least the FCC has finally taken the first step to remedy that deficiency.

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