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Monday, May 13, 2013

More Form 470 cold calls

Now a WiFi equipment manufacturer (Xirrus, I think, though stupid made-up names starting with X make it difficult to figure out over the phone; it could have been "Zeroes" calling) won't leave us alone.  We're getting repeated calls.  Here's how the latest one went:
ColdCaller:  Someone in your company recently reached out to us...
Me:  Can you tell me who reached out, when, and how?
CC:  Our records show it was you.  It was probably through the E-Rate.
Me:  All E-Rate bids are closed.
CC:  Oh ... OK.

The caller's first sentence means this call crosses the line from annoying cold call to slimy phishing attack.  No one from this company reached out to your company.  Your company got my contact info off a federal form to which all responses were due before March 14th.  Do people really buy from companies whose first sentence is a lie?

Since they have my name, not the school Webmaster, they probably didn't buy their list from the same place as the Web hosting company that plagued us earlier.  Instead, they're getting both name and phone number off the Form 470.

We already use disposable email addresses on all Forms 470 so we can disregard the spam.  Now it looks like we'll have to get a disposable phone number every year.

Or the FCC could stop publishing contact info on the Form 470. Or at least stop requiring it.

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