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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fall travel plans

Registration is open for the Fall USAC trainings.  Grab your spot now!

The invitations went out to every email address associated with a 2013-2014 application starting at 1:15 p.m.  An hour later, over 200 out of 290 slots have been taken for the DC training.  Almost half the 265 slots for LA are gone.

If Minneapolis strikes your fancy, you can take your time registering.

Meanwhile, it appears as if the email invites have only reached the letter "i"; I hope no one whose email address starts with "z" was hoping to go to the DC training....

The locations are the same as last year (well, Houston bumped Dallas, but it's still TX).  I'd have thought maybe Chicago or Denver or Kansas City deserved consideration.  I guess Newark splits the difference by NY and Philly, but maybe Boston?

I keep thinking Yellowstone would be a good place to have a training.  Somehow the smell of sulphur seems an appropriate atmosphere.


  1. I think all the emails are out now, and there are still 40 places left in DC, and 90 left in LA. So no one's shut out yet.

  2. I just got the SL News Brief announcing the Fall trainings, but the DC training is already full. Still 14 slots left for LA.