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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More ubiquitous than I thought

Well the applications for the Education Deployed Ubiquitously 2011 pilot program are in. (You can see them by going to the FCC's ECFS (Electronic Comment Filing System) Search for Filings page, type "10-222" (without quotes) into the "Proceeding Number" box and click the "Search for Comments" button.

As of this morning, there were 88 submissions. Some look like duplicates, but it still looks like over 80. So now I guess the Wireline Competition Bureau gets to spend their holidays reading through grant applications. Since earlier documents indicate they are expecting to award funding to around 10 applicants, they'll be playing Scrooge to around 70 applicants.

I'm actually surprised they got so many applications, since it's only supposed to be schools that are already giving students off-campus wireless access.

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