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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He's no Joe Barton

I'm breathing a little sigh of relief: Joe "Bleed It Dry" Barton lost in his bid to return to chairmanship of the House committee which oversees the E-Rate. Instead, we have Fred Upton, which is a good thing. I think.

First of all, he knows the E-Rate, since he has been chairman of the Telecommunications Subcommittee.

The ALA once characterized him as "very supportive of the E-rate."

The only action I can find (since his part in the 2005 call for serious reform) is sponsorship of a bill to allow schools to get E-Rate funding for emergency notifications systems. Which makes me fear that he'll join in the mission creep that I'm afraid will be the E-Rate's undoing.

Still, that's just a dark cloud on the horizon. For now, the political sun shines on our little patch of heaven.

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