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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hraunfoss, we hardly knew ye

Warning, severe E-Rate geek alert. Honestly, I don't know who but me would even notice such minutiae, but I like to think that there are people who are as consumed with this stuff as I am.

Over the weekend, I noticed that I could not access any document which was stored on Which is a drag for me, because lots of appeals, orders, etc. were stored on that server. There are probably a couple hundred links on this site to hraunfoss. But I figured someone had kicked a power plug out of the wall on the way to happy hour, and on Monday morning would plug it back in and hope that no one had noticed.

Then I noticed that some of the documents that would have been on hraunfoss were becoming available on under a new URL pattern. Uh oh, hundreds of broken links to repair?

But today I've noticed that hraunfoss is alive again, and that it appears that the FCC has left an autoforward for documents that moved off hraunfoss, so if I use the old URL, I get to the new page. (Want to try it? Type in the URL and look at the URL you end up at.

From a practical standpoint, it would be better for me if hraunfoss went away, since all the applications that normally detect URLs as you type them and turn them into hyperlinks automatically never seemed to understand that "hraunfoss" could be the start of a URL.

But I hope it stays around. For me, hraunfoss always conjured a lovely image of a castle in the Scottish highlands. I liked it much better than it's compatriot, fjallfoss. (Turns out they're both waterfalls in Iceland. Google translator says hraunfoss means "lava waterfall" and fjallfoss means "mountain waterfall," but they also seem to be specific waterfalls in Iceland.)

Now this is the kind of information that should be on E-mpa®'s certification exam for E-Rate consultants.

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  1. hraunfoss seems to be down again this morning. You just can't count on lava waterfalls, I guess