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Monday, June 02, 2008

Opportunity knocks

A new survey report has been released by eSchoolNews and Funds for Learning. It's worth a read, though most of it is about what you'd expect. Here are some things that jumped out at me:

First, the opening story is a library director getting fired for making a simple mistake on the application.

"The average applicant spends 21 hours a month managing the E-rate process." There is no way this little program should take so much time for most applicants.

"More than 2 in 5 respondents (43 percent) have experienced some type of program audit." Is this the most audited funding program in the world or what? And really, PIA is sort of an audit, so in my book, 100% of applications are audited.

Only 18% of applicants use a consultant. I know it's higher in NJ, but it's not always possible to tell which applicants are using a consultant.

It makes me want to crank up the marketing machine. If I promise to take the bullet for any mistakes, free up 252 hours of staff time each year and handle all audits, I ought to be able to pick up the 82% of applicants not currently using a consultant.

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