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Thursday, June 05, 2008

That's what I said!

I got my paper copy of eSchoolNews and reread the special report that I talked about earlier. This time I saw support for two things I've been saying for years.

First, only about a quarter of respondents thought the 2-in-5 rule was effective. You know I hate the 2-in-5 rule. At first, I was please that so many recognized its ineffectiveness. Then I started thinking: how could anyone think it's been effective? Show me some effect that it's had. (Besides perhaps inadvertently forcing a tiny but positive rule change on cabling.)

Second, the #1 change that applicants would like to see is a simplified application for Priority 1 services. Now how can we channel that into some kind of campaign? First, we need a catchy name: 471EZ? PIA Lite? The "Same As Last Year" Button?

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