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Monday, July 16, 2007


The last email I got from the Problem Resolution team had a return address ending in, and a recent return receipt for a form submission was stamped Vangent. Vangent? I never heard of them; wasn't Pearson opening envelopes in Lawrence, KS? So I looked it up, and found that Pearson sold off their government services division, and it got the new name Vangent.

The new company apparently kept the contract from Solix (née NECA Services) to manage document flow. Here's a description of what Vangent does, where Vangent says they "operate a contact center on behalf of Solix." Does that mean calls to the Client Service Bureau are actually answered by Vangent employees? I knew they weren't USAC employees, but I always thought they were Solix employees. I guess I underestimated the penchant for subcontracting in this country.

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