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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Black clouds at PIA

This isn't a problem yet, but I just know it's going to be. Another case where two separate things have been fudged into one part of the form to simplify things, much like the BEN/location confusion.

The background:
Two clients currently under PIA review have basic maintenance requests, and have separate admin buildings. These admin buildings do not have internal connections components which are necessary for transport of data from instructional areas, so they aren't eligible for Internal Connections funding. However, they do rely on the internal connections in another building for their Internet access.

The problem:
Block 4 is used for two purposes: discount calculation and determination of locations receiving service. Normally, the two coincide. However, in this case, the two purposes require different Block 4s. For discount calculation, I think the admin building should be in there, since it relies on some of the components being maintained in order to receive Priority 1 service. But since no equipment in the admin is eligible, the admin building will not be receiving maintenance under the E-Rate contract.

So for discount calculation, the admin building should be in Block 4. But for determining the location where service is performed, it should not be.

The resolution:
I wish I knew. Maybe PIA has a procedure for this, but the storm clouds gathering on the horizon indicate an FCC appeal on the way.

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