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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tech plan comments

Oh, I like the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction comments on SECA's petition to clarify the tech plan rules. They come right out and suggest that tech plans should not be required. Now we're talking.

Really, I'd like to see the FCC do a review of all FRNs denied as a result of tech plan deficiencies. I'll bet they would find no cases of waste, fraud and abuse. Instead, they would find honest applicants deprived of funding because of some stupid mistake. Because if an applicant is going to engage in WFA, they can just write it into the tech plan. If an applicant is going to purchase unnecessary services or equipment, they can just write it into their tech plan.

And private schools are caught between a rock and a hard place. Now that the for-pay Tech Plan Approvers ("pay us $500 and we'll approve your plan") seem to be gone, the only way for private schools in many states to get a tech plan approved is to join some kind of association. I don't know what the dues for those associations is, but I'll bet it's more than $500. I have heard that there are "last-resort" approvers that will help, but how would an applicant know that?

Toss the tech planning!

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