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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The fix is in

As of June 15th, the online fill-in PDF version of the 486 is dead. That would be good news, except that it's not going to be replaced. As I have said in the past, I hate the 486 PDF. But the "interview" 486 is even worse. So around here, we'll be back to the paper 486.

For how long? Well, the latest News Brief says that the new online 486 will be "available in time for fall training." I read that as "not available by October 29th." That's the deadline to file for services starting July 1. So except for the applicants that can file early, 2007-2008 will be the Year of the Paper 486.

I'm amazed that USAC is not pulling out all the stops to get the new 486 up by July. Because while doing a 486 on paper is a hassle for me, it's significantly more work for them. And since it looks like the vast majority of FRNs will be approved by July 1, USAC is going to have to deal with paper for most of the 486es for the entire funding year. That's ugly.

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