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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Online BEAR first look

So I'm reading through the latest SLD News Brief about the online BEAR form. blah blah blah, then I read "If you need to review your previous invoices (paper and online), use the Bulk Download feature on the online BEAR."

So I logged right in to check that out. Did I space out during the part of the SLD training where they mentioned that you could use the Online BEAR tool to look at old BEARs? It's very handy for me to be able to look at old BEARs. Now if I could just grab all that data across all my clients. That's one of those features that I would like, but can't expect, since it would help consultants, but not individual applicants, and the SLD should stay focus on making things easier for applicants.

Something seems to be wrong, though: I don't see the approval status, neither online nor in the download. I checked a couple of different clients, BEARs that were approved, BEARs that were denied, and none of them showed the approval status.

Still, though, what an unexpected bonus.

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