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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Christmas list

I'd like to invite everyone to post their E-Rate Christmas lists. [Blogmaster's note: an anonymous note here is really anonymous. Unlike the SLD, I can't collect your IP address and trace it back to you.]

Let's see, what would be on mine?
  • COMADs only for Waste, Fraud, Abuse, not errors
  • New online Form 486
  • Even better, no Form 486
  • All FCC appeals decided within 90 days
  • Publish the secret 700-page PIA manual
  • How about publishing 200 pages of it?
  • How about just telling us what triggers a Cost Effectiveness Review?
  • Don't take the Data Request Tool offline at night
  • At least let us know when the DRT will be offline
  • At the very least, let us know that the DRT is offline. As it stands now, you just get a message that no records were found.
  • A "copy" button on the 470 and 471 which lets you import all the info from last year's forms [For most small, low-discount applicants, those forms are identical year in and year out, and for all applicants, many elements are identical.]
  • "Two-signature/two date" finally put to rest
  • Let applicants edit BEARs after they've been sent to service providers, so we can correct errors the service providers find
  • An online tech plan tool that applicants can use, set up so that it will generate plans that the SLD won't later decide are inadequate
  • A list describing the most outrageous requests. You know that PIA reviewers must pass around really hilarious requests. Let us all in on the joke.
  • Block 4 information in the Data Request Tool
  • Registration of consultants
  • The discount matrix topping out at 80% for equipment
  • Dark fiber eligible
  • An "about us" page for the SLD. There aren't that many people there, and I'd just love to see a brief resume for each of them.
  • The same PIA reviewer 2 years in a row
  • Mel Blackwell in a red suit and beard, flying all over the country, handing out Priority Two funding to applicants with a 40% discount. Ho ho ho.

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