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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Block 16 frustrations

I realize that the online forms can't be convenient for all applicants, since we all have different needs, but Block 16 on the Form 470 is starting to get under my nerves. Part of that block is a list of all the area codes and exchanges for all applicants.

First of all, are there any service providers out there actually using this info? Every provider that contacts me has me resend that info, and usually they want the whole CSR.

Second of all, there are blanks for about 50 area codes. That means I have to scroll, scroll, scroll. Even for statewide applications, the state with the most area codes is CA, which has 34 (or maybe it's 36 now). Are there consortia that span state lines and actually use all 50 blanks? I think not. How I wish it were like Items 8-11; you get a certain number of lines (3 is probably enough for 99% of applicants), and if you need more, you click an "Add more area codes" line, and you get another 10.

Can you tell I've been staring at too many Forms 470 today?

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