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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Jason rule

Here's my mask for next Halloween. It will certainly scare E-Rate applicants. The "two-signature/two-date" (2s/2d) rule is like Jason in the horror movies: every time there is an FCC ruling, I think it's dead, but it just keeps coming back. I thought the FCC killed it with the Richmond County order. But it still came back. Then I thought it got the wooden stake in the Gayville-Volin decision. But now I read an appeal which includes a letter from the SLD invoking 2s/2d on October 25, 2006.

I'm no expert on the Jason movies, but a quick IMDB search reveals that the 10th in the series (not counting Jason v Freddy, I think) takes place in space 500 years after the series "finale." Let's hope 2s/2d is not so tenacious.

I guess what we need is for the FCC to explicitly tell the SLD that a valid contract is a valid contract, regardless of how many dates are written on it.

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