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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hurray for New Hampshire!

Kudos to the NH Dept. of Ed. They have provided a resource that every state should provide, and the SLD as well. They have provided a list of exemplary tech plans.

At every opportunity I get (which is not many), I have asked the SLD to post good and bad examples of tech plans. They don't have to be real plans, and they could scrub out district names if they had to, but I would think that any district would be happy to be the poster child for good tech planning. Even better, the SLD could annotate the plan (the way my high school teachers annotated my essays).

A couple of years back, I actually started to compile a Board of Shame: I asked the USAC auditors to send me audit results for some districts that had failed audits due to their tech plans, and started to compile negative examples of tech plans. But I stopped before I completed the project because I realized:
  1. tech plans are really boring, and
  2. I needed to focus on work than someone was actually going to pay me for.

But someone should do that work.

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