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Monday, August 14, 2006

Undetectable deluge

Now I'm steamed.

I just got a batch of emails from PIA with the same purpose: getting written confirmation from me that there are no clerical or ministerial errors in my 471s. The emails all state that PIA couldn't detect any errors, but they want me to confirm it.

My first gripe: The email states: "It is your responsibility to review your Form 471 application and provide corrections to us. " Wrong. The Bishop Perry order states: "USAC shall inform applicants promptly in writing of any and all ministerial or clerical errors that are detected in their applications, along with a clear and specific explanation of how the applicant can remedy those errors."

My second gripe: Applications are going to be held up until I respond.

I just don't see the purpose of holding up applications. If PIA hasn't found any clerical or ministerial errors, then the applications are going to be funded, right? Why do I have to confirm again that there are no errors? My fear is that if an error is detected later, the SLD will try to say, "Sorry, the 15 days have expired." But that's not what the FCC said.

Disclaimer: As I've said ever since the FCC's Grinch-like transformation, I wouldn't want to be the SLD. Perhaps there is some other reason that the SLD needs me to reconfirm that I can't see any errors in my applications.

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