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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Creaky Adobe

Today I'm setting up my new laptop (the kids, who get the old one, are the most excited about it). It amazes me that I have to dig up a copy of Adobe Reader 5 in order to make USAC's online forms appear correctly.

When will those forms be updated? Even better, chuck the proprietary format, and just use Web forms, like the Form 470.

Adobe Reader is on version 7, and I think when they get version 8, then v5 will no longer be available for download. I haven't read anything on when to expect v8, but the last two versions came out 22 months apart; it's been 20 months since version 7 was released.

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  1. An update on this: Adobe Reader version 8.0 is available pre-release ( Does this mean that soon version 5 will no longer be available for download and I won't be able to set up new computers with the 4-year-old software I need to complete the online 486?