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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time for appeals shortcut?

I recently had a case for appeal. I think the SLD made an error (though I doubt the SLD will agree), so I sent an appeal to USAC first, figuring there's always a chance. But I'll tell you, the new mood at the FCC almost made me skip USAC and go right to the FCC. Nine months ago, I felt like appeals generally had a slim chance with USAC, and no chance with the FCC. Now I think the chances with the SLD are still slim, but the FCC seems to be waiving rules for everyone.

If the FCC continues to be so lenient, I foresee applicants foregoing the 3-month wait for a USAC appeal decision and skipping right to the FCC. I can foresee myself doing it if current trends keep up.

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