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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't hold your breath for Priority Two

I had an opportunity to talk to Mel Blackwell (the head of SLD), and he also spoke to the assembled masses at the SLD training in Newark. That was a while ago, but I've been on the road....

The most interesting thing he said was this: Once 471s from the Katrina window start coming in, PIA is going to drop everything else and focus on those. Until then, PIA is focusing completely on Priority One applications. Which means that no one will be hearing anything about Priority Two until after Christmas. And it seems that if you combined Priorities on one 471, your application is also at the bottom of the stack until January or so.

Another consequence: Since PIA will be busy into January, why open the window before then? Mel suggested that a shorter (45-day) window might be in order (since all the applications come in at the end of the window anyway), but I suggested that since most applicants start to think about filing their 470 at the start of the window, shortening it to 45 days is going to cause problems.

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