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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Where's the ESL?

We got 10 days to give our opinion on the Eligible Services List (which wasn't enough time for me). The reply comment window closed 6 weeks ago, and still we wait. Once again, applicants and service providers must adhere to tight deadlines, the FCC and SLD respond as time allows. Not as infuriating as having an application sit for 7 months without anyone looking at it, and then you have 7 days to come up with whatever information PIA wants, but infuriating enough.

If they release soon, the window could open mid-December. It's safe to assume that the good old 80-day window is a thing of the past, but it seems likely the window will close mid-February at the earliest. But the FCC seems focused on Katrina, so could it be March this year?

I'm all for it. Since the SLD took no action on any of my clients' applications between February and May, moving the application deadline to April would not have slowed the funding process.

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