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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Window crashing in

Still nothing on the SLD Web site this morning about the Eligible Services List being released. Could it be that the SLD was as surprised as I was that the FCC essentially said, "We know we promised to give you 60 days notice of the opening of the window so you wouldn't be blindsided, but instead we're giving you 3." (7 calendar days, but only 3 working days for schools.)

What will USAC do? Apparently they aren't required to open the window on Dec. 1, but if I were over there, I think I'd do what the FCC wants.

I'm steamed. The FCC sits on the ESL for 3 months, then waives their own rule about warning, and not in a small way. The rule says 60 days, they give us 8 days. They reduced the period by more than a factor of 7. That's like an applicant saying, "I know the application window was only 70 days long, and it took me 500 days to get my application in, but hey, I was really busy, so could you please waive your rules and let me submit this application a year and half late."

I'm expecting a drop in the number of applications, though Katrina may raise the dollar amount requested.

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