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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hope you like spam

I was looking at the new tool for downloading 471 info, and of course I have nothing but complaints.

  1. No ability to filter results.  Download the whole state, or download nothing.  That's a step backwards in functionality.
  2. No ability to select fields.  Another step backwards.
  3. Excel?  Really?  Getting our tools to step into various tabs of an Excel workbook is just a joy.
  4. It's bad enough that the file contains the email address for the Contact Person, but even worse, the Authorizer's email is in there.  Before last year, you couldn't even get the Authorizer's email by looking at a form.  And the Authorizer's title is in the file.  Now anyone can download thousands of email addresses.  And since EPC uses your email address as your account name, and doesn't allow alternate email addresses in the forms, those email addresses are going to be the real email address of those administrators.  Look for an increase in spammers and hackers coming to your inbox soon.  (Consultants' email addresses are also exposed now, but at least one commissioner will be happy to see consultants suffer.)
EPC continues to underwhelm.

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