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Monday, June 15, 2015

Be still, my beating heart

Want to make your heart skip a beat?  I've got 2 ways to do it, courtesy of USAC.

The first one applies to everyone.  Go to the Data Retrieval Tool, and look up your funding for FY 2007.  Isn't it exciting to get "No Records Found Matching Your Criteria" where your funding should be?  Don't worry, it's not you.  All the data from 2007 is gone.  Where did it go?  No idea.  When did it vanish?  I can say for certain the data has been missing at least since yesterday morning, but that it was there a week earlier.  Does anyone have a "No Records" sighting for 2007 before yesterday?

The second only applies if you submitted (or certified) your application after 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on the last day of the window.  If you did, go to the 471 Display page, put in your 471 number (if you didn't submit late, try using 471 #1051523), then click the "Display" button.  Look at the "Date Submitted" and "Date Certified."  April 17th?!  Out of window?!  Not to panic; the display tool seems to be showing you the date UTC (Coordinated Universal Time (the acronym is a sort of anagram, but at least it's properly capitalized, unlike "E-rate")) instead of Eastern time.  So don't worry; your application is in window.  Probably.  In the old 471 Display page, you would have had "Certified - In Window" at the top of the form to calm you, but now you have to go to the Application Status tool to bring your pulse back to normal.

E-Rate is always a thrill!

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  1. Well, the 2007 data is back today! So maybe it was only missing for a day.