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Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking it Personnelly

Well, the 470 season is over.  By and large, it went off without a hitch (not surprising, since the form really isn't new), but I have a gripe.

In general, the form performed pretty well, but there was one pointy exception, and I felt like it was pointed at me.  The "Next" button generally brought up the next page in a second or two, and that little in-page system for picking billed entities was fine.  What was slow?  Picking your consultant.  After you put in your consultant's registration number and click the "Search," you have to wait 30 seconds.  But the wait isn't over.  Now you have to pick an individual employee and click the "Retrieve" button, and wait again.  Sometimes that wait was only 10 seconds, but it was often a lot longer, and a couple of times it dragged on so long that the application timed out, and I had to start the 470 all over again.

Is someone picking on consultants?

Why are consulting company employees listed, anyway?  Why does USAC have to keep track of my personnel?  The contract is between the applicant and the consulting company.  Legally, I do not provide consulting; my company does.  So my company should be listed, not me.

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