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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Promises and Pai-crust are made to be broken

[Oops.  I shot off my mouth without looking closely, and falsely accused Commissioner Pai of obfuscation.  Is anyone surprised?]

Wow.  Commissioner Pai has not been shy about his frustration with Chairman Wheeler's actions, but now he's taken it to a whole new level.  Today, the FCC site has a press release titled "What People Are Saying About President Obama’s Plan To Regulate The Internet."  It is an assembly of quotes about the Net Neutrality approach in the proposal now floating around the FCC.

At first I thought maybe it was some excerpts from public comments submitted to the FCC, and that it would show both sides of the issue.  No, it quotes taken from the press, all opposed to the regulation of the Internet.  So who put this out?  It doesn't say.  [My mistake.  It does say from the office of Commissioner Pai.]

I still don't think the press release moves the process forward, though.

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