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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Neighbor looking a little creepy

I'm pretty much an E-Rate guy, but I like to keep an eye on the other programs in the Universal Service Fund, especially since it started looking like the Obama administration might kill the USF by over-extending it.  So I wasn't happy to read about the Broadband Adoption Act of 2013, which aims to allow Lifeline recipients to get a subsidy for broadband.  Uh, oh, I thought: that mission creep could swallow up tons of funding.

But it's not much of a creep.  Under the new law, Lifeline recipients will be eligible to receive a subsidy of $9.25/month for a landline, cell phone, broadband, or a bundle.  That "or" is the key.  Households can only get one subsidy.  The only creep here is for households who don't have phone service, but do have broadband service.  OK, funding those few people won't break the bank.

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