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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cool spam

Based on some emails we got today, a few select individuals Forms 470 posted for FY 2011 are being offered a "Legacy Edition commemorative memoir" by Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.  Finally, some cool comes to the E-Rate.  Except coincidentally I sang "Hey, you, get off my cloud" to my teenage daughter, and she laughed and thought it was a Weird Al song or something.  So I guess the Stones are only cool to those of us who haven't been cool in 30 years.

It got me thinking, though.  As I complete a Form 470, do I put memoirs from aging rockers under Internet Access or Internal Connections?  I'm fairly sure Bill Wyman does not file a Form 499, so Telecom Services is out.  Maybe I could make the case that but for the income from this book, Bill Wyman "would not function and serve [his] intended purpose with the degree of reliability ordinarily provided in the marketplace."

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