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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just another blog post!

Hey, I stumbled across another E-Rate blog!  And after a cursory glance, I found three things to love:

  1. It has a great tagline: "Just another E-Rate Blog!"  I like the modesty, and the exclamation point seems wryly ironic.  (I know, "wryly ironic" is a little redundant, but how could I pass up an opportunity to type "wryly"?  If I have a 5th kid, I think I'll name him/her "Wryly."  But I think my wife might vote for "Really?" with the question mark and all.)
  2. The author consistently capitalizes the "R" in "E-Rate."  A kindred spirit at last!
  3. A recent post included the statement: "When I asked what Washington State schools were willing to give up- they stated loud and clear – Cellular Phone Service...."  More support for my quixotic quest to have cell phones tossed out of the program.
The results from Washington State align with Funds for Learning's nationwide survey results: if applicants were allowed to vote on what service should be dumped from the ESL, cell phones would win.

Wouldn't it be cool if the FCC actually did put it up for a vote?  Let every applicant choose one service as most important, and one as least important, and drop the least important.  It would complete the "eligibility is a popularity contest" trend started when the FCC decided not to drop web hosting from the ESL because the web hosts got their clients to bury the FCC with spamments (comments that were written by the hosting companies, and forwarded to the FCC by the applicants).

While we're at it, how about a survey to see if we can get the "R" in "E-Rate" capitalized.  It would give me the opportunity to spam everyone who's ever been the contact on a Form 470 with instructions on how to post a comment in support of "The Big R."  Even better, only let E-Rate bloggers vote, because if you Google "e-rate blog" (Google doesn't care about caps), the top 3 blogs listed all use the capital "R"!

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