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Saturday, February 23, 2013

I got music, I got E-RITM

More than 3 years after Mel promised they would modernize their online tools, USAC has asked for comments about "the E-rate program IT modernization (SLITM)."  Gotta love an acronym that isn't even based on a title.  It should be E-RITM.  Or maybe hyphens don't make it into acronyms, but Program should be in the title, so it's ERPITM.

What, you thought that just because I whine incessantly about USAC's IT infrastructure, I would focus my comments on the substance of the RFC?

Most of my complaints are at a more granular level than the RFC.  They have statements like, "Offer redundant navigation for ambiguous situations to allow external users to reach the correct outcome," while I think in terms like, "Let me use my browser's Back button without wacky results."

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