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Monday, May 21, 2012

Priority Two tangle

We were talking at the spring E-mpa® (E-Rate Management Professionals Association) meeting about the possibility of pro-rating, and it occurred to me what is actually going to happen.

Any applicant that gets a pro-rated approval in 2012-2013 is going to re-apply in 2013-2014 for the same funding, because there is a chance that they will get approved with no pro-rating.  Then they'll put the pro-rated approval on ice until they get approval on the 2013-2014 FRN, at which point they will cancel the pro-rated FRN.

We are quickly reaching a situation where we won't have a realistic picture of P2 demand until the funding year is over, and P2 FRNs will be approved long after the funding year is over.  The number of 2012-2013 FRNs which are just duplicates of as-yet-unfunded 2011-2012 FRNs is triple what we've seen in previous years.

That is, if we ever see a P2 funding request approved again.

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