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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How about them apples?

At first glance, it looks like a really boring appeal decision: waiving the filing deadline for a slew of applicants who filed a little late, denying several who filed more than a little late.

But here's what's different: of the 74 appeals decided, 68 were decided within 90 days.  And all but 2 of the appeals were from 2012.  For those of you who missed my earlier sniping, the FCC is required to decide appeals within 90 days, but almost never does.  In this case, they did for the vast majority of applicants.

And 2 of the appeals were decided in 8 days!

The really great part about this is that it allows the applications to go into the PIA pile before the start of the funding year.

This might even be a first: I'd bet that the FCC has never before decided an appeal of any kind before the start of the funding year in the appeal.

The one bad apple: an appeal that's been sitting for over 6 years.  And that looks to be a beaut: a district filed a 470 on paper, sent it certified mail (and got the return receipt), but USAC lost the form.  So they apparently never filed a Form 471, waiting for the FCC to waive the deadline.  So now do they need another waiver to file the 471 6 years late?

But I don't want the one bad apple to spoil the FCC's good work in getting these appeals decided in such a timely manner.

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