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Friday, January 13, 2012

Nearing compliance

Three appeal decisions hit the streets today.  One is a single appeal, but the other two are big piles of waivers, one for late 471 filings, one for late 486 filings.  Two things struck me:

  1. The FCC made no attempt to explain why the appeals were granted or denied.  The basically just said, "Here's what we're waiving, here's what we're denying."  Which makes it look like some waivers have become truly routine, which is good.  On the down side, it provides no precedent for later appellants, but there is enough precedent out there for this kind of waiver.
  2. Of the 53 appeals decided, the oldest was from June, a mere 7 months ago.  Most of the appeals were from October or later. If they're not careful, the FCC is going to start complying with the requirement that all appeals be decided within 90 days (see 47 C.F.R. 54.724)
So I hope that the WCB has a wonderful weekend, because they've earned it.

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