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Thursday, January 19, 2012

E-Rate milestone

How did this escape my notice?  A better question: why wasn't this the subject of a News Brief?

Ever looked at a 470 number?  At first glance it just looks like a painfully long string of numbers that you have to enter in FRN after FRN when you're filling the 471.  But those of us who have looked at thousands of them see a pattern: a 5-digit random number (hey, just like the PIN for a 471), then 4 zeroes, then a 6-digit number.  And that 6-digit number is sequential, just like the 471.

But no more!  On January 16th, the Archbishop Borders Elementary School clicked Submit on Form 470 #185380001000000. That's right, the millionth 470 has been filed!  Cue the confetti!

Well, it's only the millionth 470 created, not submitted, but don't rain on my confetti.

So usually the millionth customer gets some kind of prize.  What would be an appropriate prize?

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