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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Before it was the SLD

How did I miss this movie for all these years? It came out in 1998; coincidence? I don't think so. I mean, look at this picture. In the middle, I think that's what the Senior Manager for Customer Service looked like without the moustache. And apparently in 1998, the guy running invoicing sported a mohawk. And yup, that's the head of PIA on the left, with a look that says, "Ugh! This app is nowhere close to meeting the Minimum Processing Standards. Get it out of my sight!"

Being the responsible consultant that I am, I have added the movie to my Netflix queue. Hey, I'll probably learn more about the E-Rate from watching that movie than reading all the guidance on the new gifting rules.


  1. Mary M1:05 PM

    In the early days of E-rate I had some of my colleagues enter a contest for the best movie title for a movie on E-rates. At the time, the head of USAC or SLD was Ira Fishman. The winning title was "A Fishman Called Ira."

  2. Well, I watched the movie, but I didn't learn anything that's useful about the E-Rate. At least nothing that I could post on this family-friendly blog.