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Friday, October 29, 2010

Prime ministerial

So it's the day after the final BEAR push, leaving me time to ponder questions such as, "What exactly is a 'ministerial error,' anyway?" So I looked it up and found this definition in the Code of Federal Regulations, C.F.R. 19 §351.224(f) :
Definition of “ministerial error.” Under this section,
ministerial error means an error in addition, subtraction,
or other arithmetic function, clerical error resulting from
inaccurate copying, duplication, or the like, and any other
similar type of unintentional error which the Secretary
considers ministerial.

(It's from Customs regulations, but that's close enough for government work.)

By the way, I checked, and Bishop Perry (the patron saint of "ministerial and clerical") does not define "ministerial." The FCC actually asked for a definition of "ministerial" in the 2005 NPRM, but they don't seem to have adopted one. I don't remember seeing a definition in any of the responses to that NPRM, but I definitely could have missed that.

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