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Monday, October 04, 2010

E-Rate, not E-rate

OK, one final rant from the Sixth Report & Order.

Faithful readers will know that I have my knickers in a twist about the spelling and capitalization of "E-Rate." After belittling others for spelling it "eRate," someone pointed out to me that the FCC spells it "E-rate." I tried to discern Congressional intent, but as one might expect, that just muddied things further.

While reading the 6R&O (it's high time we had an acronym with an ampersand, don't you think?), I was captivated by the title "E-Rate Deployed Ubiquitously." "Deploy" and "ubiquitously" are just splendid words. As I savored the name, I realized that it proved that my capitalization was right all along.

See, the FCC capitalized the "R." Of course, they always capitalize the "R" in headings. Wait a minute. Why would it be capitalized in headings? Only the first letter in a word is capitalized in a heading. But the first letter of a word is also capitalized in a proper noun like "E-Rate." So the only logically consistent position is that the "R" is always capitalized. (Well, I suppose you could make the case that it's not a proper noun, but then in the middle of a sentence you'd get "e-rate" and that's just immoral, so let's not go there.)

Time to launch a campaign for an NPRM about the spelling of "E-Rate."

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    However, if the Capitalization rules are followed scrupulously, how DUMB does my Corporate name become?

    eRate Program, LLC? What JACKASS ever thought of THAT?

    Great word for verifying this post flogityl - Which was a very prominent piece of equipment in Olga's Dungeon, my older friends tell me.