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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The waive stops here

Ever since the Bishop Perry Order, it sometimes feels like "what will it take for the FCC to actually deny an appeal?" The answer from yesterday's appeal decision: be involved in fraud and your appeal will be denied.

Actually, the FCC has denied other appeals, where it could be demonstrated that the competitive bidding process was not open and fair. That seems to be where they draw the line on granting mulligans on honest mistakes. So it's no surprise that they denied this appeal, where people have been convicted for their behavior in this competitive bidding process.

I just hope the FCC doesn't see such cases as evidence that the Form 470 process is effective. The people involved in this case didn't get caught because of the Form 470 process. The Form 470 does not inhibit the dishonest, it only complicates purchasing for the honest, driving up prices and adding complexity to the process.

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