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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My staycation

USAC just announced (on the Service Provider Conference Call) that the big data system switchover that's been in the wind for years is actually going to happen at the end of August. The plan is that some time in late August, all the systems will shut down for 2.5 weeks. The static pages will be available, but not any of the search tools, application tools, Submit a Question, etc.

So my kids will be seeing more of me in late August.

Pretty good timing. Application review and 486es are mostly done, the application window won't open for several weeks, the BEAR deadline is much later.

And Mel Blackwell mentioned that one of the upgrades planned is a new application process where you can take last year's application, edit it and submit it. That was on my 2006 Christmas wish list, so if I were better at PhotoShop, I think I'd have a picture of Mel in a Santa hat here.

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