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Saturday, June 20, 2009

So good, I registered twice

I'm feeling the good vibe from the first day of summer vacation for my kids, so I won't even get snarky about this, but check out the USAC home page. It seems that all the registrations for the training sessions in most cities were wiped out some time yesterday (June 19th). So if you were good and registered early, you must register again. I'm sure someone's face is as red as the text on the home page. And here's an idea for whoever handles tech support for USAC: with a little pressure from a screwdriver, you can pop the Delete key right off that person's keyboard. (Oops, and I said I wasn't going to get snarky.)

Fortunately, the registration process is pretty painless, so I didn't mind doing it again.

The hotel registration was a little more trying. If you try to register online for your hotel room, you may find that the discounted rate is only available for the night before training. At least that's the case in DC. So you have to make separate registrations for other nights. It was easier to call.

I think I'll slide a litte rant in: Bethesda?! Is the hotel close to Mel's house, or are they trying to keep us far from the USAC mothership? I don't know any good restaurants out in Bethesda.

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